Il Salame di Gino (Gino’s Salami) 500 g

Salame Toscano is certainly the highlight and classic of Tuscan pork butchery, with a history stretching back thousands of years. The first to mention it, in 77 AD, was the Latin writer Pliny the Elder in his Natural History, who praised the quality of sausages from the Tuscan countryside. Our Salame di Gino, is traditionally a beautiful dark red colour because it is made by mincing lean pork meat, in particular from the shoulder and trimming our hams with the addition of cubes of lard and the typical spices handed down by Gino. The drying and curing technique is a key part in giving this cured meat that savoury, aromatic and never acidic taste, despite its long maturation.

Ingredients: Pork, salt, pepper, garlic, dextrose, sucrose, natural flavourings Preservative: E 250 – E 252
Antioxidant: E 300
Non-edible casing
Pork meat: 100% Italy
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place max +15 °C

All our cured meats are free from gluten, lactose and milk derivatives

Origine del nome

Il Salame di Gino!!! I sincerely believe that salami was Gino’s favourite cured meat, despite the fact that ham is considered the noble piece of pork. You could tell by the care taken in selecting the meat, trimming it to remove all the gristle, and often sacrificing parts of the shoulder and ham to enrich the salami. Not to mention the care taken during the first few months of drying and curing. He chose cellars that were well-ventilated but not too well ventilated, with humidity but dry. In short, it was a ritual to observe him, in his gestures, in his expressions, and in his Tuscan mumbling, so much so that you could tell if it was the right place to leave his precious salumi to mature. There wasn’t a Sunday lunch in my family that didn’t start with slices of salami; that beautiful dark red colour, tasty and accompanied with a bit of giardiniera and some liver croutons!!! Il Cioncolino, my dad, like a good builder, would often say: “I have to make a good base before I start drinking good wine”.