L a N o r c i n e r i a d i G i n o

Flavours and knowledge with an ancient heart.

Salumi di Terra Toscana is born from the memory of Gino Nucci, an elderly and expert Norcia pork butcher who used to process pork in farmers’ homes during the winter months, using salt and a few local aromatic plants to preserve and flavour the meat. The good end result relied on the raw material and a well-established technique for drying and curing meats.

The raw material, fundamental for making our products unique and healthy, cannot but respect the principles of Terra Toscana: pigs born in Tuscany, precisely in the woods surrounding the medieval village of Cennina (AR), where they are reared in the wild, with food exclusively grown in the company’s fields and with acorns found in good quantities! All in full respect of animal welfare.

The processing of the meat, entrusted to a small artisan workshop in the Val di Chiana, respects the traditions handed down by Gino, adding to salt and natural flavours only the minimum quantities of preservative to ensure that the flavour remains intact over time.