L a C a n t i n a d e l T o s c o

From skilful hands, the good fruit of the earth.

“Tosco” is the nickname that was given to Alessandro by his Piedmontese motorcycling friends during one of their beautiful motorbike trips around Tuscany. Nicknames originated in Tuscany at the time of the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri. Until a few decades ago, so many people in the villages knew each other by their nicknames, often ignoring their real names. Nicknames were determined by family lineages, by a mispronunciation of their first name or more simply by a physical or character trait, or by geographical origin.

This is how we decided to name each of our wines – with the nicknames of people linked to the memory of Alessandro’s youth, whose characteristics, history and personality are reflected in the flavours and organoleptic characteristics of our wines. We have selected the Tuscan wines that best represent us in the world, giving priority to the areas most suited to each grape variety.

In the heart of Tuscany, in the Chianti Classico area, our “Cioncolino” vintage wine, and our “Cioncolo” Reserve, produced with Sangiovese grapes, native grape variety par excellence. Tuscany is also appreciated for some international grapes such as Merlot and Cabernet, and in the most suitable areas, under the influence of the sea, true masterpieces appreciated all over the world are born; the Etruscan Coast, between Bolgheri and Suvereto gives us “Rombello”.

Less famous but certainly interesting for its Mediterranean fragrances, Tuscany also stands out for its whites; from the warm Maremma comes “I’ Biondo”, a fresh and aromatic Vermentino that best expresses the fragrances of the Mediterranean scrub. Freshness and pleasantness are the main characteristics of our rosé “Sverzino”, produced with 100% Sangiovese grapes.

From the same Sangiovese grapes, harvested before optimal maturation in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure acidity, aromas and vinified in white, we offer you “Zanaga”, our brut quality sparkling wine, Blanc de Noir.

We could not exclude from our selection a dessert wine – the wine par excellence used for centuries during the Eucharist at Holy Mass, “Vin Santo”. Tuscany is not the only region in Italy where this distinctive sweet wine is produced from dried grapes, but it is certainly among the most representative regions; “Don Tarcisio” is our suggestion.