Gino in Giallo (Gino in Yellow)

Known as Capocollo or Scamerita. This is the upper part of the back of the pig, the final part of the loin. Lean meat criss-crossed with small streaks of fat that make this great sausage with its deep red colour so soft and tasty. When the raw material is of such high quality as ours, the preparation of this sausage is really simple: salt, spices and a pinch of fresh garlic. We leave everything else to natural curing in well-ventilated, cool rooms. Ever-present in Tuscan antipasti, together with crostini with liver, but excellent as a “filling” in a sandwich with pecorino cheese and paired with a nice glass of Sverzino or Zanaga!

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Ingredients: Pork, salt, pepper, garlic, natural flavourings.
Preservative: E 252
Antioxidant: E 301
Pork meat: 100% Italy
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place max +15 °C

All our cured meats are free from gluten, lactose and milk derivatives

Origine del nome

Gino in Giallo, it makes you think of something mysterious and secret. Actually, Gino, after his Tuscan mumblings, preferred to wrap the Capocollo after 4-5 weeks of curing with yellow paper or straw paper to protect it from tiny mould and to limit direct contact with the air with the risk of drying out the meat too much, so as to keep the sausage naturally tender. A beautiful sheet of yellow paper and string and Gino’s skilful hands managed to make the perfect wrapping for this sausage and preserve it for the following months, keeping its contents “secret”.