Gino in Spalla (Gino on the Shoulder)

This is obtained from the upper and middle part of the pork shoulder once it has been boned. This is a mainly lean piece of meat with small veins running through it. The same spices and salt are used as for the prosciutto, and it needs to be cured for about 6/7 months this produces a very tasty cured meat that goes perfectly with Tuscan “pane sciocco” bread. It is sliced on a chopping board only with a knife to obtain different thicknesses and sizes. A perfect snack with fresh cheese and baccelli (broad beans), an ideal cured meat for outings and outdoor picnics with friends, always paired with a good Chianti Classico Cioncolino.

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Ingredients: Pork shoulder, salt, pepper, garlic, natural flavourings.
Outer coating: pork fat, rice flour, pepper, salt.
Preservative: E 252
Pork meat: 100% Italy
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place max +15 °C

All our cured meats are free from gluten, lactose and milk derivatives

Origine del nome

If you want to make a good salami, a good part of the meat from the shoulder ends up in the salami and the sbriciolona. Gino docet !! That’s why we at Terra Toscana only make this small cut from the heart of the shoulder. Gino would take the front part of the pig on his shoulder, bring it to the table and start boning the meat, and remove, discard, break it up, and when he got to the centre he would trim the remaining piece like a big acorn. This is our Spalla, small, tasty, deep red in colour and only to be cut with a knife.